Our Human Performance Technology process can help you clarify your current situation by creating clear, useful baseline data.


Human Performance Technology (HPT) leads you through five steps, gathering data that allows precise identification and of HR problems and cost-effective measures to counter them.

1. Desired Results

What do you want to achieve through your business/organisation? Red2Green will explore this vital question with you.
Business owners often have few goals for their business other than to provide a good income.

2. Where you are right now?

We help you clarify the tangible gaps separating you from your desired results by establishing baseline data. This information will present a clear picture of where the ACTUAL gaps are.

3. Name the gaps

Naming the gaps allows us to identify concrete problems.

4. Causes of gaps

Recognising the causes of the gaps between your desired objectives and your current situation helps move us closer to solving your problems.

5. Interventions and solutions

The previous steps allow us to assemble a large body of data which helps us see very clearly where changes need to be made and the most cost effective solutions. Training is not always the preferred solution, interestingly.

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