21 May 2015

The first thing that struck me was on page 1 – a quote from Jim Collins, business researcher and best-selling author of Good to Great:

“If I were running a company today I would have one priority above all others, to acquire as many of the best people in the world”.

Collins is so right. In May 2014, when New Zealand is emerging out of the Global Financial Crisis, the first thing we notice is the competition for talent.  Poaching is rife.  And yes, it’s not difficult to poach employees, but it’s an entirely different matter to ensure that they are the best – and if they are, keep them.

Watch this space for more posts on the subject of good employees and how to keep them.  It’s a long time since it has been an employee’s market – but one is upon us right now.  Here’s my mantra “attract the best and treat them as though they are the best”.  Sounds easy – it’s not.

winning the war for talen.png