Are staff non-performance and low productivity the bane of your working life?

HR problems can often seem complex and insurmountable. Red2Green understand these predicaments and have the experience and knowledge to help you sort through the issues and get to the root of the problem. If what you have been doing is not working then it would be wise to take a fresh approach and view your situation from a different angle.

Using Human Performance Technology methods, Red2Green will analyse your organisation, pinpoint problems and provide you with tangible solutions that will improve productivity.

Have you had an unfortunate experience with new staff and don’t want to repeat it?

When things turn out bad with a new employee, life can become difficult. Red2Green can help you put in place systems for recruiting, selecting and managing recruitment that deliver competent people who remain long-term, productive and motivated employees.

We will introduce you to the Human Performance Technology system. Red2Green offer a wide range of well researched and proven methods which don’t always involve training.

We make sure:

  • you have the right people in the right jobs;
  • they are competent in the skills required to do the job;
  • they know precisely what is expected of them.

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