Tired of ineffective Leadership Courses?

Leadership Courses that don’t change behavior waste your time and your money. Red2Green only teach things that leaders need to know and don’t already.

Red2Green Results-oriented Training for Leaders.

No more five day courses where some of the training is of no use to you. Red2Green use Criterion Referenced Instruction.

Is your person trainable?

There is little point spending money on trying to change the unchangeable. We help you to be up front where necessary (PDF 27kb) and shift an employee into a job that suits their character. It’s the most respectful thing you can do for an employee that you’ve appointed into a mismatched role.

What does the job require and does your person have it?

Red2Green measure the individuals’ gaps against the skills needed for the job. We train them in the gaps only and stick with them until they are producing results. Red2Green tailor training to the learning needs of your people and it’s not necessarily ‘classroom’ based.

Typical Case Study.


The Production Manager at a small manufacturing firm is a bully. Production staff are frightened of him and he is untrainable. Unfortunately, most of the organisation’s intellectual capital is now in his head and nowhere else. Every time his boss has tried to manage him, he has faced a temper tantrum and, knowing his point of vulnerability, has backed off doing anything about it.


Red2Green taught the boss how to hold the difficult conversation. He did a superb job. Red2Green then helped the company from that very difficult situation into a competitive position in the market place.


Ask us how.

Job Seeking?

  • Redundancy looming?
  • Frustrated in your current job?
  • Just finished studying?
  • No results with traditional job seeking approaches?
  • Doing things differently produces different results

At Red2Green, we offer a unique and highly effective approach to job seeking that differentiates our clients from other job seekers. In our one-to-one coaching, we empower individuals seeking employment to break into the job market quickly and more effectively. By understanding the current recruiting climate, the mind of an employer, common psychological obstacles and a different approach to “finding jobs” you will leave knowing that you will always have the skills to be re-employed.

Our vision is to empower New Zealanders to always be in control of their own employment and career.

Contact us today for more information on how we can help you to be in control of our own employment.

Does your organisation lack a clear purpose?

An organisation without clear goals and objectives is unlikely to attain anything. Red2Green will help you clarify your organisation’s reason for existing using a simple process. Your success as an organisation is directly linked to the governance and quality of your people, systems and processes – worth investing in.

Check out the article ‘Organisational Effectiveness From Better Governance‘ by Tony Craig (founding partner of Sundial Group Limited) and Red2Green’s Shirley Tracy.

The article challenges any perception that New Zealand has an effective and efficient approach to governance practices and suggests that a review is long overdue. It outlines approaches that will challenge organisations and directors to step outside current paradigms and those of the past.

More importantly, it addresses the direct linkages between board competence and organisational results.

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