Do you face any of the following issues?  

  • Poor selection and succession processes
  • Unclear and conflicting role/job descriptions
  • Performance Management processes and procedures
  • Health and Safety costs and high stress levels
  • Wasteful and poorly designed processes
  • Under-performing teams and individuals
  • Low staff satisfaction ratings
  • High staff turnover
  • Low profits
  • Poor public image
  • Unclear goals, objectives and plans
  • Non-effective reward and compensation systems
  • Wasteful training and development processes
  • Toxic team climate
  • Wasteful meetings
  • Poor sales performance

We help you fix people problems!

Outsourcing HR - Better results at lower cost

Fix human performance problems with solutions that work and last.

Why use an outsourced HR manager?

Most companies we talk to and work with find that their single most critical problem is the management of people.  The wasted productive time, rework and difficulties in managing the performance of people who may be in the wrong job robs them of not only profit but also time with their families and their enjoyment of life.

Is outsourcing your HR services cost effective?

To hire a good quality HR Manager would cost between $70,000 and $80,000 plus employment costs meaning that the annual expense would be in the vicinity of $100,000.

A competent and committed outsourced HR Manager would not only show you a measurable cost/benefit but would also help you eliminate from your business, those problems that are caused by people management.  A further benefit to you is that the outsourced HR Manager is not too close to the business and people, can therefore be objective and can call on a wider group of expertise when needed.


Employment value proposition

The Red2Green Recruitment, Selection and People Management processes are built on such research.  We know the value to an organisation of an engaged and competent workforce and install systems to achieve and sustain this.

The cost to you depends on:

  1. The number of staff that you have or need (they may be different).
  2. The extent to which you already have people management practices in place – the size of the initial job (ie, is this a maintenance role or a start up role).
  3. The degree to which the performance of your people is currently affecting your profitability or viability.

And charges could change depending on the degree to which you wish to operationalise the management of people thus removing the need for an HR Manager from day to day operations to strategic HR management – setting you up for success.

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