Will staff training solve your organisational predicament?

When you have problems, training can seem like the quickest way to fix them – but are you throwing money down the tube?
Red2Green don’t train your people unless we can be sure that it will fix your problem. And then we only train them in the things they need to know.

At Red2Green, there is no ‘sheep dip’ training.

By that we mean putting everybody through the same training and hoping that some of it sticks!!!!! Training is too costly for you when it’s not going to fix your problem. When we do train, we train in a variety of different ways, classroom training only being one of them. Our training methodology is Criterion Referenced Instruction (CRI). We recommend this article written by our Mentor and Associate Hugh Oakley-Browne:

“What is so different about Performance Based and Criterion Referenced Instruction?”

In it Hugh explains the differences between CRI and conventional training.

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