"Fast & efficient service, good communication and always keeping one in the picture.
I experienced no reluctance and found Shirley easily approachable and really with it!
I have recommended Shirley’s Services to other businesses, no problem!"

Helene Rose-Innes (Associate), Go Figure 2005 Limited

"The business has been transformed from a cottage-industry to a capable and professional global supplier. Business is going very well with increased efficiency, and life outside of business couldn’t be much better either.

Initially I was a little unsure of the journey I would be taking, I was unfamiliar with the concepts and skills I was to be trained in, and I had no idea how important they would become.

I had some trepidation early on, but it quickly disappeared when I grasped the concepts of EI. Now I feel much more confident in a leadership role and I know I am able to better handle any situation with people from all walks of life. I have a considerably deeper understanding of human behaviours, and how to get the best from any team.

I have undergone a total “life change” as a result of the coaching from Shirley."

Dave Pine – Synapco Industries